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PrivilegeFlyer was first introduced in 1987 as the Frequent Flyer Club, and was created to meet the needs of travelers who enjoy the many benefits and rewards of frequent travel programs. In those years, thousands of members have used PrivilegeFlyer to more productively earn and use their miles, points and rewards.

We’re very proud to have been the first to create such a unique service and to serve our frequent flyer customers year after year. And during that time we’ve listened to our members. In 1991, when the negative impact of the Gulf War was causing concern among frequent travelers, we obtained insurance in the specialized London insurance market and added an additional benefit called AwardGuard — a product designed to protect members’ awards in the event of a frequent traveler program bankruptcy. That benefit was an instant hit with frequent flyers, and earned recognition from USA Today as one of their ‘Products of the Year.’

We pride ourselves on the many benefits of PrivilegeFlyer and we are committed to making your participation in frequent travel programs more rewarding. Our Customer Support representatives are available to respond to any questions or concerns you might have regarding your membership in PrivilegeFlyer. Please let us know how we can better serve you and feel free to provide any feedback concerning our program, benefits and this Web site.

Best Regards,

Randy Petersen, President

Membership Benefits

The WebFlyer Network  Members are also encouraged to visit InsideFlyer.com and WebFlyer.com, where you will find volumes of information aimed at keeping you up to date on how you can make the most of your miles and points.

Important Notice: As of 9am (MT) March 26th 2003, the AwardGuard benefit has been suspended for new PrivilegeFlyer members or expired members. more…




The AwardGuard benefit protects any unused awards you have in a program covered under this service. Coverage is effective if that program goes completely out of business and is not taken over by any other frequent traveler program.

Any awards that you have on hand and have not redeemed for tickets will go into your membership account with us.

If you have transferred your award to another person and this was allowed by the program, that ticket will be protected under your AwardGuard account in the event the program goes out of business.

When a program ceases operation, the member must provide the required documentation within 30 days. Claims for all programs which cease operation during the same membership year will be applied towards one $7,500 aggregate award liability. The required documentation must be validated before any claims can be made.

When you wish to use your awards for a trip, we will use the same award chart your program was offering at the time it went out of business, deducting the same amount of miles/points and using the same blackout dates and destinations (blackout dates subject to historic holiday adjustments).

Members can continue to redeem awards towards the aggregate award liability as long as their membership is kept active. Any lapse in membership will void any awards on account. Award protection is discontinued once the AwardGuard benefit has expended $7,500 in aggregate replacement ticket costs or the member’s possible awards for a particular program have been exhausted, whichever comes first.

Our Promise To You
We will replace any earned awards that you may have accumulated in the frequent traveler programs covered by the Master Policy of FlightPlan, Inc., the parent company of PrivilegeFlyer. To qualify for this protection and retain the right to claim awards, you must be a current and active member* of PrivilegeFlyer. If at any time your membership should lapse, all benefits will be forfeited.

*We highly recommend the automatic renewal option.

Losses We Cover
Should a program covered by the AwardGuard benefit go out of business and it is not taken over by any other frequent traveler program, we will protect your awards in that program subject to the program’s existing rules, regulations and destinations served at the time of loss.

Losses We Do Not Cover
We will not replace any loss caused by or resulting from the merger of two frequent traveler programs if the miles/points are honored by either of the travel programs, regardless of the replaced “value” on any resulting award use. In addition, AwardGuard does not cover upgrades or segment promotions.

What To Do If a Loss Occurs
Written notice of a claim (with certificates, tickets, and original copies of statements as required) must be mailed to PrivilegeFlyer within 30 days of the program going out of business. Email statements are acceptable.

Please note: Awards can only be redeemed from individual programs. Miles/points in one program cannot be combined with miles/points in any other program(s) on account toward award use, unless expressly permitted by the rules of the programs covered.

Important information for frequent travelers: If your program goes out of business when you are on a trip using an award, you are covered by a Congressional provision that requires airlines to accept passengers from a bankrupt rival when they offer the same route. The DOT interprets this to also include frequent flyer awards. As a displaced traveler, you have 60 days after the airline stops flying to exchange your ticket for one on another airline. There may be an associated fee of no more than $25 for the flight change.

Membership Cancellation
If for any reason you wish to cancel your membership midterm, we will refund the prorated cost of your membership, minus any claims made to the AwardGuard benefit. Cancellation will forfeit all claim-filing privileges as well as other membership benefits.

Family Memberships
Family members receive a discounted membership. We are able to offer discounted rates for additional family members in the same household because they receive the coverage only. Each household will receive only one subscription to Inside Flyer magazine.

Automatic Membership Renewal
If you have chosen the automatic renewal option, your membership fee will never change. We will renew your membership with the credit card information we have on file 10 days prior to your membership expiring.

How To Claim an Award
If your PrivilegeFlyer account is active and you have enough miles/points to claim an award, you can file an award travel claim by calling our service department at (719) 597-8893, or submit your claim online.

We will determine the most economical rate for the trip. Before booking the trip we will contact you to finalize the arrangements. The miles/points you use for the trip are deducted from your AwardGuard benefit account, and you will receive a statement in the mail reflecting the miles/points used and your new award use balance.

Claim Requirements

  • Twenty-one days advance notice and a Saturday-night stay are required.
  • Travel cannot be during blackout dates as determined by the original program.
  • Destination must have been served by original airline (or partner).
  • Non-refundable tickets are just that. Once ticketed they become the member’s responsibility and will not be refundable.
  • All travel arrangements are handled by our claims division department and booked through Frequent Flyer Travel Services, an ARC-approved travel agency.
  • The member may request a preferred airline and such a request will be taken into consideration. The replacement airline used will be at the discretion of our claims division department.
  • Please do not mail in any statements, award certificates or other materials until a supported program goes out of business.
  • If you decide to change a ticket, a $75 change fee will be charged, in addition to what the ticketing airline charges.
  • If you decide to cancel a ticket, a $100 cancellation fee will be charged, in addition to what the ticketing airline charges.

Please note: The AwardGuard benefit does not cover upgrades or segment promotions.

$200,000 Award Flight Protection
When traveling on free awards, you are typically not covered by traditional insurance because your tickets are considered non-revenue. PrivilegeFlyer provides you with $200,000 accidental death scheduled flight insurance when traveling on a free award (aggregate amount per individual membership).





We are available to respond to any question or concern you may have regarding your membership in PrivilegeFlyer. We have provided several convenient methods to contact us, whether you’re at home or on the road.

Member Help Line
We are the experts — let us answer your questions and help you make the most of your miles and points. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST.
Phone: (719) 597-8893
Fax: (719) 597-6855
Email: service@privilegeflyer.com

Change of Address
Use this form to notify us of a change of address.

We invite you to send us your thoughts and comments concerning our programs, our service and this site. Please take a few moments to tell us how we are doing!

Submit a Claim
Submit your AwardGuard claim online.


Membership Fees


1 year $119.00
2 years $214.00

Each Additional Family Member
1 year $79.00
2 years $142.00

If you need to renew your membership, go to the Renew page or call our Customer Service Center at (719) 597-8893.

Covered Programs

The AwardGuard benefit applies to the programs listed below.

Airline Frequent Flyer Programs
Air Canada Aeroplan
Alaska Mileage Plan
American AAdvantage
British Airways Executive Club
Delta SkyMiles
Southwest Rapid Rewards
United Mileage Plus

Hotel Frequent Guest Programs
Best Western Rewards
Hilton HHonors
Hyatt Gold Passport
Marriott Rewards
IHG Rewards Club

Other Frequent Traveler Programs
American Express Membership Rewards
Diners Club Club Rewards

Latest News

Additions and Changes to Membership Benefits

As PrivilegeFlyer continues to grow and help members get the most out of their miles and points, we are dedicated to improving the balance of benefits and services offered.

As you might imagine, the current climate of the airline industry has had an impact on every travel-related company. We recently experienced some of this drama when renewing the insurance we’ve had since 1991, which allows us to extend the AwardGuard benefit to our members. We had hoped to have our policy renewed by April 1, 2003, but the insurance and reinsurance brokers who have put this together for us in the past are still ironing out the details of the new policy and have delayed things due to regulations and legislation using Lloyd’s of London. As a result, as of 9am (MT) March 26th 2003, we suspended the AwardGuard and Accidental Death benefits to new members and expired members. Current members will continue to be covered by AwardGuard with no interruption of service.

All other PrivilegeFlyer benefits remain in place and we continue to look forward to helping you get the most of your miles and points.

So, please enjoy the program that frequent flyers have enjoyed since 1987.

Best regards,


Randy Petersen

P.S. I think it important to state that the suspension of the AwardGuard benefit in no way reflects my opinions about the safety of your awards with United Mileage Plus and US Airways Dividend Miles. These programs are in good hands and I see no immediate danger to members holding awards with either of these two airlines. Perhaps one of the best values of PrivilegeFlyer is expert and opinionated advice. I still strongly encourage members to earn and hold, rather than burn miles.


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Important Notice: As of 9am (MT) March 26th 2003, the AwardGuard benefit has been suspended for new PrivilegeFlyer members and expired members. more…

Our secure server software encrypts information before it is sent over your Internet connection, ensuring that all transactions stay private and protected. Your personal information, the products you order, your credit card number — none of these can be read by anyone else as the information travels from your computer to ours. Once we receive your information, it is stored on a protected computer that cannot be accessed via the Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support
Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the PrivilegeFlyer program.

When do I file an AwardGuard benefit claim?
You must provide the required documentation within 30 days of a program ceasing operation. Miles/points with that program will not be covered by the AwardGuard benefit if they are honored by another program.
What happens once I file an AwardGuard claim?
The required documentation must be validated before any requests for travel can be made. Once your claim has been validated, the program miles/points will be credited to your PrivilegeFlyer account. You will receive a statement once the miles/points have been deposited into your PrivilegeFlyer account.
Does the AwardGuard benefit cover all my miles/points?
No, AwardGuard offers protection only for the possible awards lost due to a cessation of operations by any of the covered programs. If a remaining mileage/point balance in a covered account is insufficient to redeem an award from the award chart in use at the time the program went out of business, that account will be closed.
Which programs are covered under the AwardGuard benefit?
For a complete list of the programs covered by AwardGuard, click here.
Can you explain the $7,500 aggregate award liability for the AwardGuard benefit?
AwardGuard maintains a one-time $7,500 award liability limit if one or more programs go completely out of business in a given membership year. This means that when a covered program goes completely out of business, we can purchase up to $7,500 of award replacements. This $7,500 is a fixed-limit liability and cannot be exceeded, regardless of the number of years that an AwardGuard account is maintained or the number of programs that go out of business in a given membership year. The coverage will expire when you have used all your potential awards, or we have spent $7,500 in replacement value, whichever comes first. You must keep your membership active in order to make claims against your banked miles and/or points.
Will AwardGuard protect awards in all my programs?
Yes, one AwardGuard membership will protect all the programs that we cover. If one or more covered programs go out of business during your membership year, you may claim up to $7,500 in award replacements. For example, Program “A” goes out of business and your total amount of award replacements comes to $6,000. Then, in the same membership year, Program “B” goes out of business. You would still be able to claim up to $1,500 in award replacements for Program “B.” If, on the other hand, Program “A” goes out of business during one membership year and Program “B” goes out of business in another membership year, you can claim up to $7,500 in award replacements for both programs for a total of $15,000 in coverage. You must keep your membership active in order to make claims against your banked miles and/or points.